December Client Story

START funds provided assistance and intensive case management to a recently single mother of 2, with a newborn child. This young woman had been working with START on a case management basis for several months and had established a list of short and long term attainable goals which she had been working hard to achieve. During the month of November 2015, she was proud to share that she had accomplished one of the largest goals on her list which was securing full time employment with better pay, benefits and hours. After several months of filling out numerous job applications and having face to face interviews with many different employers, she was full of pride to be offered a positon which she worked hard to obtain.

With the help of START she was also able to connect with her landlord related to previous rental payments and an inaccurate past due balance. START advocated on behalf of this young woman related to these tenant/landlord issues and was able to have these discrepancies removed from her payment history. START was also able to provide financial assistance in order to have her payment record current and in a positive standing without any debt being owed. Going forward, she is confident that she will be able to continue to have a positive balance and rental record, as she has now obtained more stable employment. She stated that she was grateful to have the support of the Stoughton Area Resource Team through these very important moments in her life. The START program was not only able to share the excitement of her securing better employment while accomplishing one of her long term goals but START was also able to support and advocate for her during a very crucial time in her life.

While staying in connection START she has shared that she is enjoying her new found job while also being able to stay current with her monthly bills. She has continued to pay her rent on time and no longer has to worry about the risk of becoming homeless or becoming evicted from her home. She is looking forward to spending the holiday season without the stress and burden of a limited income and without the inability to pay her rent on time. She and her family are now able to enjoy a more stable lifestyle. With the support of START she is now feeling empowered and is demonstrating self-sufficiency.