January Client Story

In January, START provided services to a single adult female who works part time and relies on her minimum wage job in order to pay her monthly bills. She has had severe medical issues which have caused her to miss several days of work which affected the amount of pay she received on her paychecks for the month. The lack of hours worked caused her to be unable to pay a portion of her rent for the month and she was concerned that she may become evicted from her apartment. In collaboration with START and JFF the young woman was transported to and from her doctor’s appointments and was able to receive rental assistance in order to prevent the eviction. She has begun working her regular amount of hours again and has picked up a second job in order to maintain her monthly bills going forward. She works closely with both JFF and START on an intensive case management basis and is scheduled to have her taxes done next month through the help of START connecting her with free tax services provided in Stoughton which will also help her to stay current with her monthly bills.