September Client Story

During the month of September 2016 START was able to provide assistance to a family of four who have resided in the Stoughton Area School District for over 20 years. The two parent household relies on the family’s income as a whole in order to pay their monthly expenses. While they both work full time they have two young grade school aged children that have attended schools throughout the Stoughton School District for their entire lives. The family recently encountered two unexpected deaths within the same week to very close family members. These deaths caused unexpected funeral costs and family support costs which caused a great deal of financial strain for the family. They struggled with how they were going to contribute towards all of their monthly bills without becoming evicted from the home so they reached out to START for support. START has worked with this family over the past two years and has been a resource for the family during times of need. Through SIEMER funds donated to START the family was able to receive case management related to budgeting, money management and help with their finances. START was also able to provide this family with direct financial assistance towards an amount owed for rent. They were able to become current with the past due amount owed in order to prevent an eviction and they have both continued to work full time in order to stay current with their monthly bills. The children of the household did not have to relocate to a different school district and have not had their education disrupted related to an unplanned move. The family is connected with their children’s school teachers and social workers in order to receive as much support as possible for their children.