November Client Story

In November 2016 START advocated on behalf of a single parent working female who was at risk of losing her housing. She had worked hard over the past 5 years to create a positive rental history and has never missed a rent payment. After receiving an eviction notice for a past due balance this single mother reached out to START for help regarding an inaccurate balance owed. She had sent payment to her landlord which was never recorded on her balance statement and she now had a court date schedule within just a few days after reaching out to START. She had been in contact with her landlord regarding the inaccurate balance owed but was not making much progress as she did not have proof of the payment being sent. After meeting with START we connected her with a Housing Caseworker regarding her legal rights in order to prevent the family from becoming homeless. START and the Housing Caseworker advocated for this woman with her landlord at her eviction court hearing in Madison. START was also able to help this single working mother with a portion of the rent amount owed in order to prevent the eviction from furthering. After meeting with START, the landlord accepted partial payment for the total amount owed and agreed to a legal payment arrangement that she will be able to comply with as she works full time and has volunteered to work extra shifts in order to accommodate for this discrepancy. She has already been saving rent owed for the month of December and will no longer have to worry about the risk of becoming homeless during the cold winter months. She stated that she was extremely grateful to have had the support of the START Program Director during this very critical time in her life, as she was unsure how to manage the situation legally without an advocate. She stated she plans to keep record of all payments going forward as she does not want to experience the risk of losing her home again. START was also able to help this single mother connect with Christmas gift programs in order to ensure that her children receive presents for the holiday. With the help of START, she and her family will now get to spend the holidays in their own apartment while having the security of knowing they are not at risk of becoming homeless.