October Client Story

START assisted a single mother of 2 who was working hard to gain her independence back after surviving through a time of intense difficulty in which she and her children became homeless. She had been working with START on a case management basis for the past 2 years and reached out to the Program Director for support.  While experiencing homelessness and temporarily staying with family she had successfully secured stable employment through her previous employer and had been accepted for an apartment. START advocated for this family to be approved for the apartment while staying in close connection with her landlord. START was also able to secure a payment arrangement with the local utility company and landlord in order for the family to be able to move in as quickly as possible. While in transition she had lost her vehicle and had no way to get to and from work which was critical in her plan of moving back into an apartment and no longer doubling up with family. She had been saving as much money as she could for a vehicle and first month’s rent/security deposit. After connecting her to Folks Wagons Inc. she was able to receive a reliable vehicle at a reasonable price which she could afford. Folks Wagons Inc. educated this young woman on the importance of maintenance that the vehicle will require while also being a resource for minor repairs and oil changes at no cost to her. In conjunction with Folks Wagons and START she was able to receive financial assistance for the vehicle registration, plates and the first month’s car insurance premium. START also provided her with transportation to the Department of Motor Vehicles while advocating for her through the registration process. While experiencing homelessness and leaving behind all of her belongings she was lost as to where to turn for help in receiving furniture for her home. START helped this woman with physically moving into her new apartment while also providing donated pieces of furniture, dishware, and household items.

START also secured a furniture voucher through St. Vincent De Paul while helping her by transporting and moving the items into her home. After meeting with the family multiple times each week it was brought to the Program Directors attention that her 2 young children had been sleeping on the floor and on couches while they no longer had beds or something suitable to sleep on. START was able to apply for a grant and be approved in order to secure 2 brand new twin size beds including mattresses, box springs and frames from Slumberland Furniture for this family. After successfully being able to get to and from work with the mother’s new vehicle the family is now feeling more safe and secure in their apartment while also being able to get a good night’s rest. The woman’s oldest son proclaimed his appreciation through numerous hugs and statements of gratitude. He stated that he did not know the last time that he had his own bed and was able to sleep in his own room. Through multiple venues of donations, compassion, and hard work START was able to help this family gain stability, safety, security, and a feeling of self-sufficiency.