February Client Story

In February, START provided intensive case management to a young single woman who resides in Stoughton and has severe medical, physical, developmental and emotional disabilities which affect her ability to work full time and perform several other independent responsibilities. She is actively applying and interviewing for new employment as she is facing many medical issues which have affected her attendance and ability to perform certain job duties which are required through her current place of employment at a fast food restaurant. She prides herself on being able to pay all of her monthly bills on time and in full but has been struggling to stay current due to unexpected health conditions, which she is currently being treated for by her physician. She began to fall behind on rent and was also concerned as to how she was going to pay her cell phone bill because she had been unable to work her regular set amount of hours. She has received a child care certification and has been applying for work in this field, as she enjoys working with children and is now able to perform physical duties at work again. START was able to provide her with transportation and assistance in purchasing clothing at St. Vincent De Paul Society through a clothing voucher for her upcoming interviews, along with transporting and assisting her with receiving personal essentials from the PEP pantry here in town. START was also able to transport and aid her in scheduling and filing her 2015 tax return through the free VITA tax service offered in Stoughton. START was able to support this young woman by being present during her tax filing to ensure that all of the documents and forms needed were completed accurately, as she has a difficult time managing and understanding important legal documents due to her developmental disabilities. Along with helping alleviate the stress and burden of becoming past due on rent START was also able to help contribute to her monthly rental costs to ensure she did not become past due. START also guaranteed that potential employers would be able to contact her via phone call by helping her to pay her monthly cell phone bill.  She continues to work with START and JFF on an intensive case management basis and is looking forward to securing new employment in the field of her interest while also being able to remain current with her monthly bills as she is now able to work again.