March Client Story

In March, START was able to provide a family of 4 with assistance towards a past due medical bill. The mother of the household is currently in remission after fighting through breast cancer. After her diagnosis she was informed that she must receive several different types of treatments to help her overcome her illness. She was overwhelmed with unexpected medical bills that continued to pile up month after month. She applied for and received help from the Community Care Grant offered through the hospital that she received her treatment from. The Community Care Grant did not cover the entire amount of past due debt owed for the care that she received. After meeting with START she discussed her inability to pay the rest of her monthly bills on her own, with her significant others newly found income and she stated that they would be 2 weeks behind if they paid the medical bill due to his transition in employment. START completed an extensive and thorough budget with her to determine the need and benefit of financial help from START. It was determined that with the help of START she would be able to have this large medical bill paid in full while the remaining money that her husband receives would go towards rent, utilities and other basic needs for the month. She stated that after receiving help from START towards her medical bill she now feels less stressed and can relax a little more during her recovery.