April Client Story

In April, START provided assistance to a single father who recently became the sole caretaker and provider for his 3 children.  He was new to the Stoughton community and moved here within the past few months to care for his children while the mother of the household was undergoing intensive residential drug and alcohol treatment in Madison. The 3 young children have lived with their mother here in Stoughton while their father worked full time in Madison in a position that he secured and maintained for 10+ years. The mother of the family had been struggling with severe drug and alcohol addiction while she was also was facing criminal charges which caused the family structure to become unstable. After receiving these legal charges the mother of the household decided to participate in an intensive residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in Madison in order to better her health so that she could provide a healthy lifestyle for herself and her children. The father of the household decided to move back to Stoughton in order to care for the children while the mother was working towards her goals. He had to leave his place of employment and began to look for work here in Stoughton. Transportation was a huge barrier for this single father as he needed to attend and participate in case management meetings with his W2 worker during his work search. START connected him with the Affordable Transportation Program offered through Stoughton United Ministries and secured a way for him to get to and from his case management meetings in Madison. START was also able to help him pay off past due rent which the mother had failed to pay, in order to prevent the family from losing their housing. As of May, this single father was proud to share that he had secured employment here in town and was in the process of registering for classes to obtain his GED. He has connected with the Joining Forces for Families worker and has been receiving case management services from both START and JFF in order to help him reach his short and long term goals. He shared that after he completes his GED, he hopes to be able to attend community college in order to gain a degree or certification in a skill of his interest in hopes to gain more stable and reliable employment. He continues to meet with the START Program Director while working towards these goals.