May Client Story

During the month of May 2016 START was proud to have been informed by a long term client that she had accomplished one of her long term goals. For several months START has been meeting with a young disabled woman who has been struggling to find work after being let go from a local fast food restaurant due to her medical issues. She had worked hard with START to create an updated resume while she applied for work in the area of her interest. START was able to help her pay for an education/assistant teaching certification application fee which will help her in this work search. She secured part time employment through a school district and was also able to secure part time employment at a local business. During this transition with her employment START was also able to help her financially through rental assistance. START was able to provide transportation for this young woman to one of her new found jobs, as that was often a barrier for her. START also provided a professional reference for this young woman which helped her to secure one of her part time jobs. START also advocated on her behalf to her previous employer who was withholding her last paycheck. She has now been working an average of 30-40 hours per week, received her last paycheck from her previous employer and will be able to contribute towards all of her rental costs going forward without experiencing a disruptive move from her home.