August Client Story

During the month of August 2016 START was able to provide assistance to a single adult female who was struggling to pay her bills after unexpectedly losing her father to a terminal illness. Over the past few months this young woman tried her best to accumulate as many work hours as possible in order to pay her monthly bills and provide support to her family. She had recently received news that her father was dying and only had weeks left to live. She had connected with START in the past related to receiving help creating a resume and securing employment. After working with START on a case management basis she had reached her goal and secured two local part time jobs which were sufficient enough to cover her monthly bills. After receiving news of her father’s illness, she worked hard to secure as many hours at work as possible to ensure that she would have enough funds to cover her rent, utilities and car payment as she was planning to visit her father at the end of the month. Without the ability to accumulate extra hours at work and save funds to visit her father, he passed away within only a few short weeks. She was now in need of assistance, as she had unexpected travel expenses which accrued in order for her to attend the funeral.  After paying her rent and utilities, she was unsure as to where she could receive help with her unpaid car payment, so she reached out to START. The Stoughton Area Resource Team was able to provide her with assistance related to her unpaid car payment along with being a listening ear while she grieved the loss of her father. After meeting with START she stated that she was grateful to have been given the opportunity to not worry about the risk of having her vehicle impounded during this very difficult time in her life and was appreciative to have someone she could talk to. Since her father’s death, she has continued to work extra hours in hopes to begin saving money each month in order to visit her mother and siblings out of state for additional support.