July Client Story

During the month of July 2016, START was able to provide support and assistance to a local single mother who was unable to pay her monthly utility bill. She was concerned that her utilities were going to become disconnected due to a past due balance which she was unable to afford due to a loss of household income. During the month of June 2016, this single mother was unexpectedly hospitalized for two weeks after having an emergency surgery. After weeks of feeling ill she was diagnosed with a tumor located on her spine which was affecting her ability to function normally. While in recovery from surgery, her monthly household bills began to accumulate. With the help from her savings, family and friends she was able to afford the costs of rent and other bills but she was having a difficult time coming up with the amount needed for her utility disconnection notice. START worked with this young woman on a payment plan in order to make a contribution towards her total amount owed while also providing her direct financial assistance towards this bill. She was able to avoid becoming disconnected from her utilities and was able to recover from her surgery without the burden of an unpaid utility bill.