June Client Story

During the month of June 2016 START connected with a single mother of three who has resided in Stoughton for 1 year. As she and her family are considerably new to the community she was unfamiliar with several resources available to her and her family. After receiving rental assistance towards a past due balance from St. Vincent De Paul/St. Anne’s she was referred to START for utility assistance and additional funds needed towards her rent. START was able to provide case management services along with rental assistance with the use of SIEMER funds in order to help stabilize this family. START was also able to connect her with a Joining Forces for Families (JFF) case worker to receive dual case management and rental assistance through a Salvation Army Voucher. Through collaboration with several different organizations in Stoughton, this single mother was able to have the total amount owed towards rent paid in full. START also provided her with contact information for 2 food pantries which are available in town along with contact information for the Personal Essentials Pantry (PEP) which she was also unfamiliar with. After receiving these referrals and assistance, she is now connected to many different resources which she can connect with in the future should she feel necessary. START and JFF continue to work with this woman on a case management basis.