December Client Story

START funds helped a single mother of four maintain housing stability during the cold winter months in Stoughton Wisconsin. This single mother relies solely on social security disability benefits in order to pay the costs of her monthly bills and provide for her and her family. She has 3 school aged children while also caring for an adult child who recently graduated high school. Two of her children are in grade school while the other is in high school and has hopes to graduate within the next couple of years. The mother had been working with the START Program Director on a case management basis for several months and it was brought to the Program Director’s attention that 2 of the children had been sleeping on the floor without a bed or something suitable to sleep on in order to get a good night’s rest. They had been piling up blankets, pillows and clothing in order to make the nights rest tolerable. START was able to apply for a grant and be approved in order to secure 2 brand new twin size beds including mattresses, box springs and frames from Slumberland Furniture for this family. START was able to physically transport and deliver the beds to the family while also being able to help set them up. The mother’s youngest 9 year old daughter and 11 year old son exclaimed their appreciation and gratitude through numerous hugs and statements of thankfulness while assisting the Program Director in setting them up in their rooms. This family has gained a sense of relief and comfort during the holiday season while also being able to sleep in their very own beds. While being able to rest more comfortably at night the children have all stated that they have more energy while attending and participating in classroom activities at school.