August 2017 Client Story

During the month of August 2017 START was able to help a homeless single adult male secure housing after doubling up and staying temporarily with friends for over 4 months. After experiencing a very traumatic life change in which 2 of his immediate family members passed away, leaving him as the only remaining member of his family unable to afford the cost of rent he became homeless and suffered with severe depression and anxiety. When connecting to START on an intensive case management basis he was provided with education and awareness of services related to his mental health. After meeting numerous times each week he began to work on a housing plan to end his homelessness which included securing stable employment. After reaching his goal of securing employment START was able to connect him to the Folks Wagons program in which he received a reliable vehicle at no cost to him which he was able to use to get to and from work in the Madison area. START continued to support him throughout his journey of securing housing while advocating for him to local landlords and property managers. START was able to provide a professional letter of recommendation related to his previous housing situation which ended and was out of his control. After connecting with a local landlord who was willing to accept him START was able to provide a portion of first month’s rent in order for him to no longer double up with friends. He had worked hard over the past several months to build a savings which he used to contribute towards the majority of the first month’s rent and security deposit. He has now moved out of his temporary housing situation and has signed a lease in his own name. START was able to provide him with donated pieces of furniture for his new apartment as he had lost most of his items during his stage of homelessness. After now residing in his own apartment he has continued to work full time while putting money into a savings account in hopes to have a safety net of his own. START was able to support and advocate for him in order to help end his homelessness.