September 2017 Client Story

After unexpectedly losing her husband to a terminal illness START met with a grieving woman who was adjusting to changes in her household monthly income. She was concerned that her electricity was going to be disconnected after receiving notice from the local utility company that she was behind on her monthly payment. She had reached out to START in previous years but had been able to manage her monthly bills without needing ongoing assistance for the past 12 months. After the death of her husband and with nowhere to turn, she contacted the START Program Director to see if she was still able to receive help with her current utility bill. START met with this woman to discuss her adjusted income and to work on a new household budget and money management. START was able to assist her financially in order to prevent the utility disconnection. After meeting with the START Program Director numerous times throughout the month of September, she developed a list of short and long term goals. After following up with the START Program Director she shared that she had reached one of her large goals of securing more affordable housing. She shared that she was grateful to have been able to work through these difficult life changes while having somewhere to turn. After being accepted and approved for an apartment closer to family which was also less expensive she now feels hopeful that she will be able to have more support during this difficult time in her life.