February 2017 Client Story

During the month of February 2017 START was able to be supportive to an individual who recently became homeless due to her family member passing away and no longer being able to afford the cost of rent on her own. She was struggling as to where to turn for help when the household bills began to pile up as she had recently lost her job due to her mental illness while struggling with severe depression. As she had no employment or form of income she attended eviction court and was required to vacate her apartment within 2 weeks.  After connecting with START to receive help related to finding a new place to live along with securing employment, START was able to assist her through her job search while helping her to create an updated resume and cover letter. She was able to secure a temporary place to live as START was able to provide assistance in order for her to rent a room from a friend while she actively works with START on a case management basis to secure employment and permanent housing. START has been able to be a support to this woman while she works towards gaining self-support. She continues to meet with START on a weekly basis while staying in connection daily in hopes to achieve independence.