March 2017 Client Story

START was able to connect with a single woman who was struggling for support and was unsure as to where to receive rental assistance in order to prevent her from becoming evicted from her home. She works full time as a daycare provider and typically receives enough income to cover the cost of her rent each month. During March 2017, she was unable to provide daycare to one of her regular families as they no longer needed her help due to a change in their work schedule. With this lack of employment she began to fall behind on her monthly rent. START advocated for this woman to be able to remain housed in her apartment by directly contacting her landlord and securing a payment arrangement. She was able to receive verification in the form of a signed and dated statement indicating that she would not be evicted from her home for at least 30 days with assistance from START. She has a plan for the remaining amount owed which was agreed upon with her landlord and she has begun to work with START on a case management basis to help her reach her goals of maintaining housing and increasing her income.