April 2017 Client Story

During the month of April 2017, START was able to advocate for a single adult woman who had been homeless for several months after losing her employment and not being able to find a landlord willing to accept her. After being turned down and denied by several different landlords and property managers she lost hope and resulted to sleeping her car while keeping it turned on at night to provide heat during the cold winter months. She had been applying for work daily in hopes to end her homelessness and be able to reside in her own apartment. After finally securing a local full time job, START was confident that she would be able to maintain the cost of rent. After connecting to a landlord who was willing to overlook her unstable rental history, START was able to discuss the landlords concerns along with the client’s goals, in hopes to mediate and support the client’s ability to become more independent while residing in her own home. After meeting with the landlord in person to alleviate any barriers related to housing concerns, the young woman was approved and was able to move into her apartment within days of START making this connection. She benefitted from the START program by having an additional means of support and by having an advocate when needed related to ending her homelessness. She has now been stably housed while maintaining her full time job and slowly regaining her rental history. She thanked the START Program by sharing, “You have given me faith and really made a difference in helping me get back on my feet.”