May 2017 Client Story

During the month of May 2017 START provided intensive case management services to a single adult male who was struggling to secure health insurance after recently losing coverage related to his disability. While not being able to work and having been approved for Social Security Disability (SSDI) he now was adjusting to having a fixed income. He was informed that he was not eligible for health coverage through Medicare for a minimum of 1 year and that he must secure an alternative form of coverage until he is Medicare eligible. This left him in an extremely stressful and worry-some situation as he relies on several different medications every month to regulate his health. The cost of his prescriptions without insurance each month were way out of his budget and were too high for him to afford so he became very concerned as to how he was going to manage his health going forward. He connected with the START Program Director to learn more about what options were available to him. After first providing him with information related to the Stoughton Shalom Free Health Clinic, the Program Director helped him to apply for affordable healthcare through the Marketplace while also connecting him to the WI Department of Health Services.  START was able to provide weekly case management to support him through this process. START also helped him to apply for healthcare assistance for his new monthly premium through the United Way of Dane County Health Connect Program in hopes to make this health coverage more affordable. He now has secured reasonably priced health insurance through Group Health Cooperative while being able to afford the cost of the monthly premium. He no longer has to worry about the risks of being uninsured while not taking his medications. START was a resource for him to reach out to while also being an advocate for him through this very important time in his life.