June 2017 Client Story

In June 2017 START was able to provide intensive case management services to a single mother of 2 who had been previously homeless prior to connecting to START. She was worried that her family was going to have to relocate out of the City of Stoughton due to receiving an eviction notice from her landlord. She had maintained stable housing for several months but recently had a change in her income after switching employment. She was referred to the START program through the Stoughton Area School District Social Worker to receive help in maintaining her housing. After meeting with the START Program Director she shared several goals that she had hoped to obtain while in connection with our program. One of the larger goals that she was hoping to achieve was securing affordable healthcare for her and her children. Since changing her employment she was unsure as to how and where to receive healthcare going forward as she had not done this on her own in the past. START worked with this woman on a weekly case management basis to help her obtain health insurance for both she and her 2 school aged children. Her oldest child is 17 years old and is in 11th grade and likes to participate in school sports when he is able. Her daughter is 9 years old and is in 3rd grade and enjoys arts and crafts. All three members of the household were without health insurance prior to meeting with the START Program Director and were at risk of losing their housing. Since continuing to meet with the START Program Director on a case management basis they have all secured affordable health care and rental assistance in order to prevent an eviction. The mother stated her appreciation and gratitude to the school social worker for connecting her to the START program in which she was able to achieve some of her short term goals.