August 2018 Client Story

During the month of August 2018, START applied for 4 twin size beds on behalf of a Stoughton family of 6 through Slumberland Furniture. After recently being connected to case management with our program through a Food Pantry referral, it came to START’s attention that 4 children had been residing on air mattresses in their home for the past 3 years. With limited and fixed income from the parents (which is utilized monthly towards household bills including, rent, utilities, health insurance, etc.) the parents had been unable to save money in order to purchase beds for their family. The youngest child (age 8) had recently been sleeping on wooden pallets placed on the floor, and her air mattress popped due to a mice infestation in the home. The Stoughton Area Resource Team Inc. (START) program was able to provide her with a small twin size air mattress to remedy her sleeping situation until beds could be secured for all of the children. Without a good night’s rest their education will become affected and their levels of stress will increase significantly. They deserve to have something suitable to sleep on and these donations would be utilized in appreciation and gratitude. In addition to the children sleeping on air mattresses and wooden pallets, the parents had been doing the same. START was fortunate enough to receive a donation of a queen size bed, frame and box spring which was provided to this family through a community member’s generosity. START helped assist in the transportation and delivery/pick up of this donation. START is hopeful for the approval of additional beds through the Slumberland grant request and expect a response within the next month. Without START, the family would have likely maintained their unsuitable sleeping situations.


“I first want to thank you and God for all the blessings and good fortune that is provided towards all people, especially my family. Thank you for your kindness and support, I don’t have the words to express my true appreciation. Thank you once again for having such a kind heart and helping my family the way you have. I know there are many others who need your help and I am hoping to gain employment with someone willing to give me an opportunity to work in order to take care of my problems myself so that I can in return help others, as you have helped us.”