September 2018 Client Story

A Stoughton single mother of 4 was desperate to receive help in pursuing higher education after years of working part time jobs. Without the ability to secure full time stable employment due to not having a High School Diploma or GED she was unsure where to begin. After working with START on a case management basis for over 5 years she had set goals to obtain her GED several times but had many life altering situations which did not allow her the ability to actually begin this process. After many coaching conversations related to the importance of gaining her diploma she finally felt prepared and ready to begin working towards her lifelong goal. She had experienced several instances of unemployment and homelessness over the past few years and was ready to work towards this goal in order to provide stability for her family. START was able to provide her with financial assistance towards her testing fee’s in order to reduce these barriers for her. She stated that she is excited to finally be able to confidently pursue this goal while being a role model for her children. She mentioned that she wants them to look up to her and know that graduating high school is a priority and that having an education is important to their own success. She continues to meet with the START Program Director on a regular basis for support.