November 2018 Client Story

During the month of November 2018, START was able to partner with First Lutheran Church in order to provide 34 different households with Thanksgiving turkey baskets and meals for the holiday. These donations were hand delivered prior to the holiday directly to these families’ homes by community volunteers. In addition to this, START was able to partner with multiple local businesses to create donation drives throughout the months of November and December for START families. Fired Up Nutrition, Cummins, Blackhawk Community Credit Union, Summit Credit Union and Azura Memory Care all hosted donation drives for warm winter supplies. Primal Strength and Fitness hosted their annual Squats for Tots Fundraiser in which 62 children and 34 different households have received 3-5 Christmas gifts each. All of these families also benefited from multiple hats, socks, gloves, scarfs, blankets and winter coats. START continues to accept and distribute these items throughout the cold winter months and these numbers continue to increase. Stoughton community members have also reached out to START this past month and have donated much of their time and energy to provide furniture including, end tables, dressers, beds (frames, box springs & mattresses), baby cribs, recliners, clothing, toys, kitchen tables and more (all brand new or slightly used) to START families in need. These generous donations have all been hand delivered directly to the homes of the recipients by the donors. START continues to provide a safety net for those in crisis through invaluable partnerships with community members, businesses, and faith based organizations. Without START, many of these households would not be able to celebrate the holidays warmly in their homes.