October 2018 Client Story

During the month of October 2018, START was able to partner with the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) to assist a long term (intense case managed) client successfully complete and apply for Social Security benefits. At age 50, this single adult woman has been experiencing instances of instability related towards her housing for over one year. With no income to afford housing on her own she has been working hard to put her health as a main priority while also volunteering locally for almost 1 year, in hopes to gain work history and a reliable reference so that she can gain income and housing of her own. As her health continues to decline and she continues to be denied employment opportunities due to multiple barriers, disabilities and inability to perform certain tasks, she decided to accept help in applying for SSDI benefits in hopes to help her get back on her feet and gain more independence. After months of assisting her through job searches, connecting her to Employment Specialists, creating a resume/cover letter, practicing interviews, and also providing letters of recommendation/support on her behalf, START acknowledged her needs. The Program Director partnered with the ADRC to provide an in person collaborative approach related towards her health, history and inability to work full time. After an in depth assessment, the ADRC agreed to work with this woman on a case management basis to support her throughout this process. While meeting with both of our programs regularly she now has a solid support system and a higher possibility of securing benefits which are essential to her survival and ability to improve her quality of life.