January 2018 Client Story

In January 2018 START was able to assist a 30 year old single father. After doubling up, couch surfing and experiencing homelessness while sleeping in his vehicle this single father of 2 was ready to begin taking steps towards gaining his independence back and providing more stability for his children. With little to no support from his immediate family he and his 2 daughters lived day by day struggling to find a place to sleep at night for over 5 years. After becoming connected to Building Bridges which is a 3 month intense case management program offered through the Stoughton Area School District he was connected to the START Program for continued and ongoing case management support. After meeting with him regularly and staying in contact as often as possible START began to create short term goals which were attainable and contributed towards his overall long term goal of securing housing of his own. After meeting with the START Program Director related to these objectives, he began to develop goals of securing employment which would increase his income and ability to find a landlord willing to accept him. While his youngest daughter is under the age of 5 and is unable to attend school, securing and maintaining full time employment was difficult for him as he did not have reliable daycare. After reaching out to several different employers he was able to gain employment with 2 different part time jobs that worked around his needs. With this increased income he advocated for himself to private landlords while explaining his lack of rental history and difficulties in maintaining employment. START was also able to fiercely advocate for this family while staying in connection with potential landlords. After weeks of maintaining stable employment he was able to connect with a local landlord who provided him with a second chance. He now has a move in date for his new found apartment and has stated that he has a new motivation and outlook on life. He expressed his great appreciation for the services that have helped him throughout his journey. He continues to meet with the START Program Director on a weekly basis and continues to work towards building himself back up. He stated he will not stop until he is proud and that this is the first time in 5 years that he feels hopeful about his future and his ability to provide for his family