November 2017 Client Story

START assisted a single mother of 3 young boys during the month of November. After having several medical appointments for her youngest son the mother of the family began to miss work and began to fall behind on rent. Her youngest son was struggling with a severe medical need which would require surgery and the need for the mother to be home to care for her son. Thinking about the future and upcoming bills the mother reached out to START to see what resources were available to her during this time. She had been picking up as many hours as possible at work but knew she was not going to be able to cover the cost of her bills. She was able to contribute as much as she could towards her rent but was still past due and knew that she was going to continue to struggle next month as she would be off after her son’s surgery. START helped this woman connect to resources for potential help with rent while also contributing towards her past due amount owed. She had received a 5-day notice and was extremely worried that she and her boys would become homeless during the holiday season. START connected with her landlord while creating a payment arrangement to remedy the remaining amount owed. In addition to contributing towards rental assistance for this family START was able to help this mother receive Christmas gifts for her 3 young children. With limited income to afford her monthly bills she knew she was not going to have enough money to purchase gifts and winter clothing for her children. START was also able to purchase winter boots, hats and mittens for her young boys. With the help of START the mother was able to receive relief in knowing she and her boys would not become homeless.