February 2018 Client Story

During the month of February 2018 START was to help a young single adult male work towards his goal of obtaining an HSED/GED through a program that could be successful for him. After meeting with him and discussing his short and long term goals he shared his desire to obtain a more reliable job while having stability for his future in a career that he would be proud to work in. After working several low paying jobs that were temporary and/or part time he has struggled to maintain his independence as single male in his early 20s. He has thought numerous times about the possibility of pursuing his diploma but did not have the ability to make this goal a priority as he had other commitments and responsibilities that required his immediate attention such as paying rent, utilities and other regular monthly bills. After hearing his desire and dedication towards pursuing his diploma or equivalency START began to brainstorm different options with him. He had connected and reached out to several different technical colleges in the surrounding area to understand what the time commitment and expectations of the program would be. He was concerned about his ability to pass tests required without any additional support and was also worried about having his income reduced due to time spent taking these classes rather than working.


The START Program Director listened to his concerns while also hearing his motivation to be able to achieve this goal. START was able to connect him to Operation Fresh Start (OSF) which provides intensive on the job training while also providing education, tutoring, and much more to help young adults obtain their diploma or equivalency. After strong advocating from the START Program with Operation Fresh Start he received several in person interviews for this opportunity. By the end of the month he had been accepted into the program. He will receive a small financial stipend monthly for the training that he will be receiving daily in a work skill that he can take with him after he receives his diploma. The program will provide wrap around services to him including, tutoring, mentoring, coaching, case management and more. Their goal is to help him secure stability in all areas of his life, not just obtaining his diploma. It took him courage and bravery to surpass all of the barriers and worries that came with putting school as a priority vs “just trying to make it each month”. He was his own best advocate, the START Program listened to his goals, concerns and desires and supported him along the first hurdle of his journey. START will maintain a support system to him through intensive case management in collaboration with Operation Fresh Start. The Stoughton Area Resource Team (START) will also be an outlet towards receiving resources and support towards his monthly rental costs while he is enrolled in this program to assist and alleviate any barriers in hopes to help him succeed.