April 2018 Client Story

During the month of April 2018 START was able to partner with the Professional Life Coaching Program at the University of Wisconsin in conjunction with Brenton Eastabrooks to provide a 3-4 hour workshop for START participants. The workshop was geared towards providing 9-10 START participants with an opportunity to plan, prepare and overcome personal barriers and challenges in their lives while also setting short and long term attainable goals. Participants spent the first half of the workshop completing a “Wheel of Life” exercise in which they were able to reflect on all areas of their life including but not limited to: friends, family, financial, health, home, work environment, etc. They were able to identify how satisfied they were with each of these different areas in their own life. After rating their satisfaction they were able to debrief and process through their findings while they received 30-45 minutes of one-on-one life coaching with students and professors of UW Madison. After this, participants were able to work directly with the START Program Director to create a minimum of 3-9 short and long term attainable goals including, barriers, strengths, target dates, supports and accountability factors. Following this exercise they were then able to participate in an exercise where they took ownership of their commitments. Each person stated out loud one commitment/ specific action goal that they plan to follow through with immediately along with identify one thing they would need to “let go of” in order to reach this goal. The participants were provided with a working lunch and an opportunity to connect and build relationships and connections with fellow neighbors. Participants shared that they have never had a space where they felt they could truly share their thoughts and feelings while being heard and having an opportunity to focus on themselves. The START Program Director has been continuing to work with these participants on a case management basis to provide follow up towards their experience and help them to continue working towards achieving their goals while overcoming personal barriers and challenges. All participants of the workshop received a framed Certification of Completion which they were able to take with them.