July 2018 Client Story

START was able to make an impact on the life of a 54 year old single woman who has been homeless in Stoughton for the past several months. While working with her on an intense case management basis in hopes to help her gain income through securing employment, START was able to help her gain volunteer opportunities on a regular basis in hopes for her create “work” history. In addition to this, START has been able to make an impact on her overall health and wellbeing. While stating that she often feels as though START is the only place she can go to be heard without judgement, she has made progress in July by applying for several employment opportunities and maintaining her volunteer commitment for 6 months. Without a vehicle or any means of transportation, she relies solely on walking to get to and from pantries and local resources. After her health has been significantly declining she set a goal with the START Program Director to get connected to healthcare services in hopes to address some of her health concerns. While continuing to maintain her “employment” through volunteer opportunities at the Stoughton Senior Center which START advocated for her to receive, she began to feel productive every week while having a purpose to get up every day. She started meeting regularly with a Primary Physician and is now making her health a priority in her life. As a small victory she was able to receive tennis shoes which were not worn and did not have the soles completely warped. This provided her with the ability to continue walking every day to and from her “work experience”.  The smallest change for something so important has given her the motivation to keep trying without giving up. START maintains weekly connection with her in hopes to help her gain stability.