May 2018 Client Story

START was able to advocate for a single mother of 4 who works full time in order to support her family. After being homeless and couch surfing while moving from home to home and temporarily staying with family, she was approved for an apartment in Stoughton which was her hometown. She was unable to cover the cost of first month’s rent in addition to the security deposit. While she continued to work and save money towards these costs, START negotiated a payment arrangement and move in date with her landlord that was realistic for her. As she continued to save towards these costs START stayed in connection with her landlord to ensure that the move in costs would be paid on time. In addition to support from START financially she was able to secure more than half of the amount needed on her own. Her 4 children who are all in elementary school in Stoughton were able to gain stability in their housing and no longer doubled up with relatives. The security of having a home of their own will provide the children with an opportunity to focus better at school and will likely help to increase their grades and participation in class. She follows up with the START Program Director on a regular basis and is hopeful about maintaining her own housing going forward.