January 2019 Client Story

In January 2019, START was able to connect with a new participant of our program through a referral from a local church. As a mid-thirty year old woman with severe learning disabilities this single adult had been experiencing health concerns with no access to health insurance. As a strong advocate, her mother participated in the meeting with START to provide her with as much support as possible. START contacted the Dane County Human Services, Capital Consortium in order to inquire what healthcare benefits might be available to her. START also reached out to the Federal Marketplace for other health insurance options in hopes to help her receive coverage. While currently having immediate health care needs, START connected her with the Stoughton Free Health Clinic in order to address her concerns. She was unfamiliar with these resources and did not have the ability to connect with them prior to the support of START. She is hopeful to be approved for coverage and now feels more proactive about her overall health while having options and resources available to her.