February 2019 Client Story

During the month of February 2019, START was able to celebrate the success of a long time case managed client who had been working very hard over the past year to obtain his HSED. Through multiple case management appointments and coaching, START was able to help support him throughout his journey to achieve a long term goal that he had not been able to accomplish in the past. He stated that without START he was confident he would have not been able to do so. He now is able to attend college in hopes to one day obtain an associate degree or certification in a field that he is passionate about. He expressed that he is excited to no longer have to keep settling for jobs that are out of his interest, simply because of his lack of education. He feels confident that he now has more potential and opportunities that were not available to him before. He provided his gratitude to START by surprising the Program Director with a copy of his HSED which is featured below. START was also able to provide him with a certificate of accomplishment from our program in order to congratulate his accomplishments.