March 2019 Client Story

During the month of March 2019, START partnered with a local volunteer who was invested in helping and giving back to those in need throughout our community. Over the past 6 months this volunteer has been personally donating, distributing and connecting with START families to provide them with needed items such as household supplies, furniture, clothing and more. START has collaborated with him to secure families in need and connecting with them throughout the process. A START participant who has 2 school aged children received generous donations of beds and expresses her gratitude.


“My 10 year old had a gently used futon bunk bed set that my 6 year old was too afraid to sleep on the top, so they were both sleeping together on the bottom futon which was not very comfortable. The first night that they slept on their new beds they woke up the next morning and told me that they LOVE their new beds and that that was the best night of sleep they have ever had. To sum up the way I feel about the donations for our family of beds is beyond grateful! Thank you so very much and know that I took their bunk bed set and paid it forward to a woman that lives across from me that needed beds for her sons. Me and my husband couldn’t afford to go out and buy a bed for ourselves and we wanted to personally thank you for ours as well. We are beyond grateful. I wish you could have seen the expression on my kids’ faces when they first tried out the “comfort” of their new beds and how much it meant to them”.