Jimmy Brooks

2019 COMpassion in action AWARD RECIPIENT

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Squats for Tots

Founder, creator & organizer of 2nd Annual START Christmas Gift Fundraising Drive

START is honored to provide Jimmy Brooks, proud father of 2, husband, local elementary school teacher and owner/sole proprietor of PRIMAL Strength and Fitness with the first ever 2019 Compassion in Action Award.

Jimmy has organized, lead and created the largest fundraising drive 2 years in a row for the Stoughton Area Resource Team, Inc. (START). While working with a team of friends and volunteers Jimmy has held the local fundraiser, Squats for Tots in order to provide START with hundreds of children’s Christmas gifts and toys for those in need. In 2018 these gifts were donated and distributed to over 98 different children in 45 different households throughout Stoughton by START.

Jimmy is a high school graduate from Calumet High School in Gary, Indiana - class of 1995. After high school, Jimmy was not the traditional college student. Jimmy attended IVY Tech Community College, earning a 2 year degree in Auto Body Repair. Following graduation, Jimmy worked with his hands as a roofer and truck driver, in addition to managing a lumber yard. In 1997, the owner of the construction company told Jimmy: “Jimmy, you are too smart to be working here for me, take the day off and go sign up for college classes.”

Following that advice, Jimmy met with a counselor at PURDUE Calumet Campus in Hammond Indiana. Jimmy first started his major in communications with aspirations of being a radio personality and D.J. After attaining enough credits in school, Jimmy took a job as a substitute teacher, and that’s when he learned that he wanted to become an educator.

Jimmy graduated from the School of Education at Indiana University in 2002 and began teaching. Since becoming an educator, Jimmy has served many different roles in education including: Middle School Math and Science Teacher, School Principal Intern, Founding Member of Lighthouse Academies of Arkansas, School Board President for Lighthouse Academies of Wisconsin, Pre-School Director and Elementary Teacher for Stoughton Area School District.

Jimmy now lives and raises his family in Stoughton, Wisconsin where he teaches elementary school at Fox Prairie Elementary.

As the owner of PRIMAL Strength and Fitness, Jimmy works to provide strength and fitness opportunities for children as young as 6 years old - all the way up to ages 60 years old.

Jimmy’s passion comes from a frightening life experience in 2005. Jimmy spent nearly 3 weeks hospitalized in a coma with bacterial meningitis. During his bout of illness, Jimmy’s family held a last rites ceremony, because the doctors said that he would not survive. Well, defying the odds, Jimmy did survive, but he had a long road to recovery. Upon waking from his comatose state, Jimmy had to learn to walk again. To ensure Jimmy could recover properly, his brother Charlie moved from Gary, Indiana to Indianapolis to help him rebuild his body. After a few weeks of learning to walk and care for himself, Jimmy started lifting weights to rebuild his strength. It was then, Jimmy started his strength journey and has never looked back. Jimmy has become the strongest version of himself and continues to train and help others at PRIMAL.

Jimmy continues to find ways to serve in his community for the betterment of children, adults and families. START is exceptionally proud and honored to award Jimmy with this well deserved recognition.

2018 Squats for Tots Christmas Gift Drive Donations

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2019 Squats for Tots Christmas Gift Drive Donations